‘it put a big smile on my face.’     Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music


‘A treat –  witty, wistful, wonderful.‘    Gyles Brandreth


‘Marriage Song #1 is a quiet masterpiece.’    Sunday Times


‘ Sharp satirical thinking put into song… You’re going to love it. ’         Folkwords


‘ A delight in every way…. precise and with compassion  –   a rare delicacy to be able to combine expert satire with the longing of humanity.’    Liverpool Sound and Vision


‘Like dry Jake Thackray and American Tom Lehrer, Blacker has the ability to look at the ordinary everyday that nobody writes about and turn out gems of social observation…This is knowing writing with the laughs masking depths and intelligence.’     Northern Sky Magazine


‘ Hilariously entertaining. ‘    Mary Dickinson, Everyman Folk Club

Released on 14th January - the new single, 'EUROPA, MEIN AMOUR'

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FRIDAY SONG: Yves Montand, LES FEUILLES MORTES (Jacques Prévert and Joseph Kosma, 1946)

If you want to see the difference between a great lyric and a moderately good one,  here's a place to start  -  compare and contrast Jacques Prévert's 1946 song 'Les Feuilles Mortes'  to the later American version,by Johnny Mercer, released in 1950. One tells a story; the other expresses a general feeling. One feels original and heartfelt, the other is professionally written schmaltz. One feels like like a song, the other is life. They share the melody, or at least the melody of the chorus, written by Joseph Kosma, who took Prévert's poem  and adapted it for the film Les...

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