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FRIDAY SONG: Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez, EXTRA (Chip Taylor, 2002)

The great lyricist Sammy Cahn  - he wrote the lyrics to many of Frank Sinatra's best-known hits  -  published a funny, swaggering boastful memoir called I Should Care. Not a man to hid his light under a bushel, Sammy claimed that as soon as he heard a melody, a title would flash into his head. 'I don't write a song so much as it writes me. What I do is sort of trigger it with a title and then follow where it leads.' Elsewhere, in an introduction to his own rhyming dictionary,  Cahn argued that a lyric's most important quality...

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Just released! PLAYING FOR TIME

'We need cheering up right now and this singer-songwriter... is just the ticket.' Sunday Times

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