Enter Pervy John – songs From the van #3

I wrote ‘My Village’ one autumn a few years back. It was, I think, provoked by the idea that the great city-dwelling majority of the population were given a distorted view of life in the country  – one that was half Midsomer Murders  and half Springwatch. I wanted to tell the truth.

Of course, I did nothing of the kind. My song quickly went off the rails. It now hovers  – rather oddly, some might think  – between satire and sentimentality.

I’ve recently discovered that it is part of a musical tradition. In 1951, the great Tom Lehrer  released ‘My Home Town’. Then Paddy Roberts had a go ten years later with ‘Our Little Village’.  Less, comically there was Paul Simon’s ‘My Little Town’ in 1975.

None of them, though, had a chicken shit smell in the air, a club for swingers and swappers run by Daphne and Jim, or Pervy John.

Note to m’learned friends: the village described in this songs is almost entirely fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is almost entirely coincidental.



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