Playing For Time

RELEASE DATE – 27th March 2020!


Recorded in southern Italy and completed at the Recording Booth Studio is Suffolk, PLAYING FOR TIME  features musicians from Germany and Italy, including virtuoso accordionist Hartmut Saam, jazz guitarist Giovanni Rago, singer Fortunata Monzo, percussionist Domenice de Marco and Bass player Giovanni Crescenzi.


Lyrics booklet

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  1. The Anno Domini Rag 3:56

  2. The Sha-La-La-La Song 4:22

  3. Europa, Mein Amour 5:25

  4. Memories Are Company 3:16

  5. Thank You To My Team 5:35

  6. Forty Degrees 3:26

  7. Fake News 5:40

  8. The Players and the Game 4:06

  9. Me Too 5:22

  10. I Fool Myself 4:00

  11. Time Is a Hard-Ridden Pony (with FORTUNATA MONZO) 5:28

  12. Saved By a Song 5:20



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