Europa, Mein Amour

Picture the scene, a village green

As the summer clouds all billow

A spreading oak, some crusty old folk,

The crack of a ball on willow

That Olde England was all very well

‘Til I found your distant shore.

And from that day, your foreign ways

Have made me love you more.


So when people claim

I’m not quite the same

Since I became European, [***]

That I’ve started to stray

From the true English way

I find myself agreein’.

This green and pleasant is all very well

But sometimes it seems so grey

And now we’re to part, it’s breaking my heart

Here’s what I have to say…


Adios, auf Wiedersehen,

Europa, mein amour.

Maybe you’ll miss me

But I know I’ll miss you more.

How I wish we could remain

Together down the years

But that’s all passed

So let’s raise a glass

And say skål, saluti, cheers.


I start the day

With an orange pressé

And a  double cappucino

Then soon after one

I smoke a gitane

With a glass or two of vino.

Then I’ll take a rest, a long siesta

And spend afternoon in bed

Then I walk down the street and kiss the strangers I meet,

Hand in hand with my best friend Fred.


I listen to Georges Brassens

Or maybe Kurt Weill

Or sometimes a light aria.

Then some fado

And  ‘Via Con Me’

Or ‘Ne me quitte pas’.

John, Paul and George are all very well

We love them yeah yeah yeah

But I prefer dansant

To an old-fashioned chanson

By a chansonnier


Adios, auf Wiedersehen… etc.


Dein ewiges Jammern es dauert mich

Dein heulendes Wind Gesicht

Aber jetz wo du gehst, gestehe ich

Mir fehlt bereits heute dein nebliges Licht.


Frenetico, agitato, non cambian, l’inglese.

Un giorno questo, l’altro quello –

Oh Dio, they’re driving me crazee….


Oh, I’ll miss your brio and your Sturm und Drang,

Your bella dolce vita.

Your che sera, your je ne sais quoi,

They made manana sweeter.

This stiff upper lip is all very well

But it makes it so hard to smile.

So now that we’re through, it’s a sad toodle-oo

From this lonely sceptr’d isle.


Adios, auf Wiedersehen… etc




Terence Blacker  –  vocals, guitar

Fortunata Monzo  –   vocals

Hartmut Saam  –  vocals, accordion

Giovanni Crescenzi  –  bass

Domenico de Marco  –  percussion

David Booth  –  backing vocals