I Fool Myself

I never get aces or the roll of the dice.

When it comes to rat races, I’m down with the mice.

I’m just getting by, a regular guy.

If we met on  the street, you’d look right through me.

From my head to my feet, there’s not that much to me.

So how do I make the grade?

There’s a trick of the trade.


I fool myself I’m doing fine.  

I’m top of the heap, I’m in my prime

When I walk in the room, I’m so hip and  cool.

You won’t want to cross me – I’m nobody’s fool.

I make believe I’m someone else.  

Someone who looks a bit like me

The rope that I walk is on the last thread

The rocks are below, so I stare straight ahead

‘Cos if I look down,  I know I’ll be dead  


Just a poor little fool.


There I was at a party when she happened to pass.

I thought she’d ignore me – she was out of my class.

But then she turned to see lucky me.

Now I’ll never know just what it took

But I remember that smile, that laugh, that look

Then we were on our way

She’s still here today


Because – I fooled myself, and I fooled her too.

She fell for it good, it’s strange but true.

I see in her eyes a superior feller

We’ve been together so long, it’s too late to tell her.

Look at me, I’m someone else –  I’m the guy who got the girl.

With the rugged good looks of a Hollywood star,

He and his babe – they’re going far

Cos they’re happy to be just what they are

Two little fools.


Terence Blacker  –  vocals, guitar

Giovanni Rago –  electric guitar

Giovanni Crescenzi  –  bass

Domenico de Marco  –  percussion