Memories Are Company

When you’re feeling lonely and the world is getting cold

Memories give shelter from the storm,

And all those disappointment that down the years you hold

Each and every one will keep you warm.

Like when your mummy left you at school and didn’t wave bye-bye

How your daddy never kissed goodnight,

That game when you were just a kid

Of hide-and-seek, you went and hid

They said they’d find you but they never did

They left you up a tree –

Memories are company.


The teacher who was rude about a poem that you penned

Just because he said he didn’t rhyme.

The girl you took to the school dance who left with your best friend

How it really hurt you at the time.

Later on they married, and on their wedding day

They invited everyone but you.

Take these grudges every night,

Shine them up so nice and bright,

Hold on to them very tight,

And you will soon agree

Memories are company.


Something once said by your ex,

She laughed at you  during sex

You still from the effects

In ways no one can see

Memories are company (So don’t move on)

Memories are compa – (Never let them go)

Memories are company.


Terence Blacker  –  vocals, guitar

Giovanni Rago  –  electric guitar

Hartmut Saam  –  accordion

Giovanni Crescenzi  –  bass

Domenico de Marco  –  percussion

David Booth  –  shaker