The Anno Domini Rag

Let’s go  to long ago

Talkin’ ’bout your Year Zero

That’s when this little dance begins.

Back in your mama’s womb

Floating ’bout  in the gloom

Not so much a person as a thing.

Then you feel something

A kind of beat

As the beat begins a-thumpin’

You just have to kick your feet.

Your mum gives a shout

As you groove and move about

And your little heart begins to sing…


Now with a whoop and a holler and a hallelujah

Let’s dance to the music of time

Feel your body bumpin ‘

And your hearts go….

It may seem peculiar

With its crazy rhythm and rhyme

But soon you’ll be dancing down the years.

And while you’re sashaying

And your body’s swaying

You’ll be loving that swing

But when the band stops playing

There’s no delaying

‘Cos that means just one thing.

It starts with a whaaah

And ends with an uuurgh

As you do the shuffle and sag.

We’re in this thing together

It’s the Anno Domini Rag.


So from the day when you arrive

You’ve got your own private jive

It’s like a daily boogaloo.

Lead the dance or lag behind

Grab someone and bump and grind

Together you can do the coochy-coo.

As long you are using

Your little toes and feet

If you’re winning or you’re losing

Just tap-tap-tap to keep the beat.

Turn your virtues or your faults

Into a twist or a ballroom waltz

The dance you do is up to you.


On your toes, on your knees,

Crawlin’, glidin’, prancin’,

Fast or slow, as you please,

As long as you keep dancing.

Oh-oh, gotta go, time goes by so quick.

Can’t stop that old clock,

It goes tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-…


Bad news, there’s comes a day

When you’re kind of old and grey

You’re getting down to your last chance.

But you’re still here, staying alive

‘Til a bony chap with a cloak and scythe

And says, ‘Excuse me, may I have the next  dance?’

‘Til-then –


With a whoop and a holler and a hallelujah… etc


Terence Blacker  –  vocals, guitar

Fortunata Monzo  –  backing vocals

 Hartmut Saam  –  accordion

Giovanni Crescenzi  –  bass

Domenico de Marco  –  percussion