The Sha-La-La-La Song

When I was young a long, long time ago.

I went to school far from home.

And every night with my little  radio

I knew that I would never be alone.


Under my pillow, when it was dark and it was late,

Voices from across the sea.

Radio Lux, Fab 208,

With Ricky, Don and Phil, and Bobby Vee.





They were playing my song.

Wish upon a star,

Baby, I love you,

Crying in the rain,

They kept me strong.


Candy kisses, a homecoming queen,

It was all such a mystery.

But I knew if I could slip away into that sunny teenage dream,

What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world it would be.


And now when life gets cynical and I’m feeling kind of low

I’ll sing one of those magical old songs that go  –

Woah-woah-woah-woah –


Sha-la-la-la-la… etc


So here we are, the years have flown

I’m still standing here somehow.

And all those old songs have had little songs of their own

Like this sha-la-la-la song I’m singing now.


Sha-la-la-la-la… etc


Terence Blacker  –  vocals, guitar

Fortunata Monzo  –  backing vocals

Giovanni Crescenzi  –  bass

Domenico de Marco  –  percussion