PLAYING FOR TIME, the new album, is now launched!

When I started recording the songs on my new album called PLAYING FOR TIME last autumn, first in southern Italy and then at David Booth’s recording studio in Suffolk, the world felt a bit odd (the UK and the EU were involved in a messy divorce) but basically normal.

27th March 2020 seemed a good time to launch it. There would be time to get a bit of publicity, to ensure the radio stations had it, maybe some reviews.

It hasn’t turned out quite like that. The world has more urgent concerns right now than twelve new songs from me. Even if one half of our collective brain is telling us that we need diversion, the other half is obsessed by just one thing. No one is thinking straight.

All the same, it’s here. The weather is always rough when a little boat of songs is launched but there’s a mighty storm raging out there.

In spite of the madness, I hope people will enjoy listening to the songs on PLAYING FOR TIME as much as I enjoyed playing them.

More details are here – you can order physical CDs here. For downloads and CDs, it’s my Bandcamp page here.

My thanks again to the great musicians who played on it and who helped produce it. I hope you enjoy it.