When the flower children grew old…

One of the pleasures of watching a CD go out into the world is seeing which songs, if any,  are noticed enough to strike a tiny, distant note in the prevailing noise of the world.

Of the songs on Enough About Me, I was always fond of ‘An English Love Song’, which was also the co-producer Jon Loomes’s favourite, and I thought that ‘I Can’t Call My Baby “Baby”‘ might appeal to people. I enjoyed writing ‘Marriage Song #1’  but, apart from a nice note in the Sunday Times,  the reviews have often ignored or, more annoyingly, misunderstood it (‘the resignation of a middle-aged cuckold,’ sniffed one reviewer, firmly grasping the wrong end of the stick).

Here’s a video of the one song that seems to have caught on, earning requests for repeats, particularly on Rodney Collins’ Offshore Music Radio where it was third in the most-requested lists behind  Frank Sinatra and Gene Pitney, with  Gerry and Pacemakers toiling in our wake.

Which all goes to show that you can’t keep an old hippie down…


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