Thank You To My Team

The old boy in the next seat was going to blow a fuse

He was shaking, he was scarlet in the face.

And the air all around us turned a deeper shade of blue

As he yelled out, ‘You’re  an effin’ disgrace!’

And my boy was beside me, wide-eyed at all this rage

It was his first game in this ground.

And the away end was going crazy, they were like monkeys in a cage,

They were singing, ‘Going down, going down.’

But way down below us, Macca played a hopeful ball

And Budgie’s pass brought Banno into play.

And we were all on our feet again as that stadium rocked

‘Cos happiness is just a goal away.


So thank you to my team

Thank you for the good times,

The memories that somehow always last

When the players and the games have long since gone.

‘Cos when you’ve got a team

There’ll always be a next time

And the future will be brighter than the past

And though we stumble and we fall  

The game carries on.


Now the years are tumbling by, and  nothing’s quite the same

Now and then I’ll catch them on the screen.

My boy and I talk on the phone about the latest game

We’ll remember the things that we have seen.

There was Trevor’s overheader, Wegerle’s mazy run

Those days when we were proud to be a fan.

And Bailey’s New Year hat-trick and that crazy Moroccan

Who took us all the way to the promised land.

When every game was a story, every game was a song,

Every game was a dream of what might be.

We knew that on the road to glory something always will go wrong

But they’re out there to play for you and me.


The boys are all singing, it echoes around.

The world is so far away from inside this ground.


They say Banno’s now a handyman and Macca’s dead and gone

Reality’s a game of flesh and blood.

But in a million memories, they’ll keep playing on,

Our heroes of the plastic and the mud.

‘Cos you can change opinions, change your horses in midstream,

You can change your husband or your wife.

You can even change your politics but once you’ve got a team

That’s it –   they’ll be playing for your life.


So thank you to my team…. etc.


Terence Blacker  –  vocals, guitar

Giovanni Crescenzi  –  bass

Domenico de Marco  –  percussion